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15 Non-metallic Mineral Products
SIC        Industry
3211 Flat Glass
3221 Glass Containers
3229 Pressed And Blown Glass And Glassware, Not Elsewhere Classified
3231 Glass Products, Made Of Purchased Glass
3241 Cement, Hydraulic
3251 Brick And Structural Clay Tile
3253 Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile
3255 Clay Refractories
3259 Structural Clay Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
3261 Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures And China And Earthenware Fittings
3262 Vitreous China Table And Kitchen Articles
3263 Fine Earthenware (whiteware) Table And Kitchen Articles
3264 Porcelain Electrical Supplies
3269 Pottery Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
3271 Concrete Block And Brick
3272 Concrete Products, Except Block And Brick
3273 Ready-mixed Concrete
3274 Lime
3275 Gypsum Products
3281 Cut Stone And Stone Products
3291 Abrasive Products
3292 Asbestos Products
3295 Minerals And Earths, Ground Or Otherwise Treated
3296 Mineral Wool
3297 Nonclay Refractories
3299 Nonmetallic Mineral Products, Not Elsewhere Classified

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